How to: Get a Good Score on the SAT

It’s that time of the high school year.

By Maria Divina Canalita, Staff Writer

Howdy, Juniors! It’s the time of the year for testing season. And on March 10th, the Junior class will take the SAT (Standardized Test) that is used widely for college admissions. And with that day, comes mixed feelings. So sit back, relax, and follow these easy tips and strategies to prep yourself up for test day.

  1. De-stress. One of the major things to worry about is your anxiety. On test day, you need to ease out a little bit in order for yourself to think freely on the test. You need to relax as your brain needs it in order to do best on the test.
  2. Organize. Stressing yourself in the morning to pack your ID, test ticket, pencils, calculator, etc., is a big no so make sure you pack the night before the test.
  3. Exercise your mind. Before taking the SAT, you need some preparation of course! In order to get a good grade on the test, practicing over math problems and reading a book helps you exercise your mind to its extent and perform well on test day.
  4. Khan Academy. Haven’t studied? Try taking a practice tests on Khan Academy. This lets you link your previous PSAT/NSMQT or SAT scores to get a new and personalized free practice just for you.
  5. Trust Yourself. Number one key to doing good on the test is by believing in yourself. Don’t ever doubt yourself and be confident on test day. Learn to pace yourself while taking the test too!